Which type of fire evidence includes objects that can be inspected such as a fuel container quizlet?

-physical evidence: includes physical objects available for inspection. examples relating to fires include: electrical conductors, photographs, film, tape recordings, videotapes, gas cans, and fire patterns.

How should a firefighter treat evidence that he or she finds at a fire scene?

Evidence should be bagged and removed from the fire scene as quickly as possible. c. Evidence should be moved to a central location in the structure so that it is easy for the fire investigator to analyze.

What must be present to determine fire cause?

To determine fire cause a firefighter should look for: an ignition source and sequence. Which type of fire cause occurs when humans are not involved in the ignition process?

When searching for the area of origin firefighters must always?

When searching for the area of origin, firefighters must always: wear PPE and respiratory protection until the atmosphere is determined to be safe. Who is in charge of conducting an in-depth analysis of the fire scene and fire cause evidence?

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Which term means the process of carefully looking for evidence in the debris following a fire?

In general, what is the primary responsibility of fire fighters in fire investigations? … Which term means the process of carefully looking for evidence in the debris following a fire? Preserved as evidence. Which action should be taken with the clothing removed from a victim of a fire?

What are the five basic uses for rescue tools?

5 Essential Extrication Tools

  • Cribbing. Cribbing is necessary to stabilize the vehicles that require tactics for the benefit of the patient and the safety of responders. …
  • Strut System. …
  • Patient/Rescuer Protection. …
  • Crash Kit. …
  • Hydraulic Set.

What are the 4 key elements of fire investigation?

With few exceptions, the proper methodology for a fire or explosion investigation is to first determine and establish the origin(s), then investigate the cause: circumstances, conditions, or agencies that brought the ignition source, fuel, and oxidant together.

What are the 4 classifications of fire causes?

Fire cause is the identification of the first fuel ignited, the oxidizer, the ignition source, and the circumstances bringing these factors together. There are four classifications of fire cause: accidental, natural, incendiary, and undetermined.

How do they tell what started a fire?

To determine the cause of such a fire, investigators rely on a number of observations and techniques, from telltale signs of flames to satellite imagery and chemical tests.

How would you determine where the fire started?

First, professionals need to locate the point of origin of a fire. When looking at wildfires, we know they start small and gradually get hotter and larger, moving in a V- or U-shaped pattern. They often move with the direction of the wind and travel faster when moving uphill.

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Which is an example of evidence spoliation?

As well, in some jurisdictions, witness tampering (i.e. intimidating a witness, physically preventing them from testifying, or persuading them to alter their testimony) can be considered an example of spoliation of evidence.

What are the two types of fire investigation?

Depending on how much evidence is present, an investigator can use different approaches. Two techniques include process of elimination, or disregarding the causes that the evidence deems not possible. The second is to start investigating the most probable cause first until it is ruled unlikely.

What does first Due mean?

First due: Refers to either the first apparatus arriving on the scene of a fire or the area in which a company is expected to be the first to arrive on a fire scene. … The ignition of heated fire gasses at the ceiling level only.

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