Which is a non punitive process that allows firefighters to share information so others can recognize similar situations?

The National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System is a free, voluntary, confidential, non-punitive and secure tool you can use to learn from other firefighters’ experiences and to share your own.

Which is are part’s of an after action review?

Which is/are parts of an after-action review? All of these: Incident debriefing, After-action review, Investigation of serious injuries and fatalities.

What accounts for almost 25 of line of duty deaths?

The United States Fire Administration (USFA), an agency of the Department of Homeland Security, cites motor vehicle crashes as the cause of death for between 20–25% of the annual line-of-duty fatalities. Motor vehicle crashes are the second highest cause of death for firefighters.

Which is a part of the three step process in crew resource management training?

A core concept of CRM is the institutionalization of empowerment. Which is a part of the three-step process in Crew Resource Management training? … It addresses the five factors necessary to CRM: communications, situational awareness, decision making, teamwork, and barriers.

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What does the Nbfspq do?

The NBFSPQ accredits fire service training agencies that use the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA’s) professional qualification standards. The accreditation process begins with the submission of an application, including a detailed self study document, by the organization seeking accreditation.

What are the 4 parts of an AAR?

The After Action Review has four main parts

The four main parts or the four parts of the after action review… The planning phase, the preparation, the actual conduct with the AAR and in my personal opinion the most important, number four is follow through on the results.

What are the 4 steps in the execution sequence of an AAR?

The four steps in the execution sequence of an after action review are planning, preparation, conduct, and follow-up.

How many fire ground deaths occurred in 2008?

One-hundred and eighteen (118) firefighters died while on duty in 2008, the same number of firefighter fatalities as the previous year. This total includes firefighters who died under circumstances that are included in this report as a result of inclusion criteria changes resulting from the Hometown Heroes Act of 2003.

What happens if a firefighter dies in the line of duty?

When a firefighter dies in the line of duty, families must adjust to life without their loved one. … These include lump sum death payments, workers’ compensation, funeral benefits, pensions and retirement programs, scholarships, and non-profit/private support.

What database contains reports on about half of all incidents nationally?

What database contains reports on about half of all incidents nationally? National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS)Emergency Medical Services Incident Reporting System (EMSIRS)National Institutes of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF)6 points1.

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What are the 6 CRM skills?

Skills of CRM. The primary goal of CRM is enhanced situational awareness, self awareness, leadership, assertiveness, decision making, flexibility, adaptability, event and mission analysis, and communication.

What are the five factors that crew resource management is based on?

Crew Resource Management can be taught using a variety of methods. The airline industry uses a three-step process to teach the five factors (communication, situational awareness, decision making, teamwork, barriers) that comprise CRM.

Which are steps for overhauling a dumpster fire?

Techniques for overhauling dumpsters include the following:

  1. Avoid manual overhaul and direct contact with contents.
  2. Do not enter the dumpster.
  3. Use hose streams to hydraulically overhaul contents.
  4. As soon as possible, secure the dumpster by chocking the wheels to prevent movement (especially after it is full of water).
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