Quick Answer: What did Colorado Firefighters rescue?

What animals did Colorado firefighters rescue?

The animals were then turned over to The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, where a vet determined they were not dogs but foxes. These firefighters in rescued what they thought were puppies from a storm drain… but it turns out they’re red foxes!

What did firefighters Rescue in Colorado Springs?

Firefighters rescued people from apartments after a fire ignited in a building in northeastern Colorado Springs on Sunday afternoon, the Colorado Springs Fire Department said. Crews rescued several residents from an apartment building at 4378 Montebello Drive using ladders.

What were the puppies rescued by firefighters?

Firefighters Rescue Puppy Who Was Sealed in Backpack inside Burning Home. The small little girl was named Smokey—for obvious reasons. It’s easy to assume the worst when a closed backpack begins to move, so imagine how relieved these California firefighters were when a cute, furry puppy popped out.

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