Quick Answer: What are the three ways that water extinguishes fire quizlet?

What is the primary way that water extinguishes fire?

The primary way water extinguishes fire is by: absorbing heat. The energy required to raise the temperature of a substance by one degree is called: Specific Heat.

Which of the following are required for effective fire streams?

You must get water on the fire quickly and safely. Effective fire streams consist of three major elements: manageable nozzle reaction, effective reach, and sufficient flow.

Which valve determines the pattern of the stream delivered?

a. Slide valves control both the flow of water and the discharge pattern of the fire stream.

Which kind of fire Cannot be extinguished using water?

APWs are designed for Class A (wood, paper, cloth) fires only. Never use water to extinguish flammable liquid fires. Water is extremely ineffective at extinguishing this type of fire, and you may, in fact, spread the fire if you try to use water on it. Never use water to extinguish an electrical fire.

What impact does water hammer have on fire streams?

Water hammer can damage water mains, plumbing, fire hose, hydrants, and fire pumps.

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Which describes a master stream device?

A master stream is a fire service term for a water stream of 350 US gallons (1,300 liters) per minute or greater. It is delivered by a master stream device, such as a deck gun, deluge gun, or fire monitor. Master streams are often found at the end of aerial ladders, tele-squirt nozzles, or monitor nozzles.

What are the different fire stream patterns you can use to extinguish a fire?

the major types of stream patterns are solid, fog and broken. all fire streams must have an agent (water), a pressurizing device (pump), a means for the agent to reach the discharge device (hose line), and a discharge device (nozzle).

Which type of nozzle can be adjusted resulting in different patterns?

Foam concentrates generate bubbles through chemical reaction when concentrates are mixed with water. Which type of nozzle can be adjusted, resulting in different patterns? … Rotary control valves control both the water flow and the discharge pattern of a fire stream.

Which is a characteristic of fog streams quizlet?

What is a characteristic of a fog stream? It creates water droplets with a large surface area.

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