Is a fire blanket a legal requirement?

Do I need a fire blanket?

A fire blanket is essential in cutting off a fire’s oxygen supply. This will prevent the fire from spreading to other areas within a structure. … However, certain fires may require the use of a fire extinguisher or blanket. The blankets are easily stored and do not require maintenance.

Do firefighters recommend fire blankets?

In an email, a spokesman for the office confirmed that fire blankets are a useful tool, with caveats. “Fire blankets are a useful tool in the fire safety field. They can be used to contain small to medium fires, especially in the kitchen,” Brandon Wright, public information officer, said.

What are the limitations of a fire blanket?


  • To use on a fire, you have to move close to the fire, and your hands are particularly vulnerable.
  • You can only use on a very small and contained fire.
  • You probably only get one go at extinguishing the fire – if you fail to put it out, you can’t retrieve the blanket.

How much do fire blankets cost?

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Does fire blanket really work?

A. No it cannot. It’s best to have both of them in your kitchen. While a fire blanket is good for squelching a small fire, you may need to employ the use of a fire extinguisher if the blanket doesn’t work and the fire grows to a larger size.

How many times can a fire blanket be used?

DFES recommends fire blankets should only be used once and then replaced after use.

What can happen if you remove the fire blanket too soon?

This is known as the fire Triangle. If you remove any one element of the Triangle the fire will extinguish. A fire blanket that is placed over or around a burning object cuts off the oxygen supply to the fire, thereby extinguishing it.

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