Why is the wood in my fireplace not burning?

If your firewood is smoking but not getting fired up, it could be because the firewood isn’t seasoned. Not all firewood is ready for the fireplace. When wood is fresh cut, it’s brimming with moisture.

Can logs be too dry to burn?

It’s not something that most people complain about very often, but yes, wood can be too dry and burn faster than would be the case at an optimal 10-15% MC.

Is it safe to leave fireplace burning at night?

Sparks and ashes can pop, potentially starting a fire outside the fireplace and causing fire damage. Keep your fireplace burning for extended periods of time. Leaving a fireplace lit overnight or even over 5 hours can damage your fireplace and increase the risk of a house fire. Keep flammable items near your fireplace.

How do I know if my wood burning fireplace is safe to use?

5 Easy Steps to Make Sure Your Fireplace Is Safe

  1. #1 Examine the Firebox. Look for any cracks, gaps, or signs of wear in the lining of the firebox (the interior of the fireplace). …
  2. #2 Look for Telltale Smoke Stains. …
  3. #3 Make Sure Your Grate Is the Right Size. …
  4. #4 Check the Chimney. …
  5. #5 Double-Check Your Fire Extinguisher.

How do you keep a wood fire going all night?

Setting up a wood fire to run overnight

  1. When you are setting up your fire for the night add one large log and another one, or two smaller ones, 20 minutes later.
  2. If necessary open up the damper (vent) for up to 20 minutes to minimise smoke and get the logs charred and burning efficiently.
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How do you slow down a fire in a fireplace?

To help slow down a fire in a fireplace:

  1. Close any doors to the room from the rest of the house.
  2. Close any external air vents within the room that were opened prior to starting the fire.
  3. Close any windows in the room that were opened to help get the fire going.
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