Why do they firemen have a 451 on their uniform?

Montags helmet has the number 451 on it. This alludes to the title of the book “Fahrenheit 451” and happens to be the temperature at which paper burns. This is an obvious reflection of the fireman’s job in the novel, which is to burn books. Montag also wears a picture of a salamander on his uniform.

Why do the firemen wear number 451 and not another one?

451 is the temperature at which book paper burns. Montag the fireman wears 451 on his helmet. … Because the firemen burn books, which are considered one of the most important aspects of civilized society, the author makes the reader consider his/her own value. You just studied 24 terms!

What is the significance of the firemen wearing 451 on their helmets?

The number 451 is not Montag’s identification number, but the temperature at which paper ignites; all the firemen wear these helmets, not for personal protection but to identify them as firemen, in charge of destroying books.

What is the importance of the number 451 and the fireman’s job?

451 is the temperature at which paper burns , and the importance of the fireman’s job is to burn all books to make sure that no one can read them.

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What did Mildred overdose on?

On page 41, Montag remembers the night that Mildred overdosed on sleeping capsules and she had to have her stomach pumped by the Electronic Eyed Snake.

What does Guy Montag symbolize?

As a fireman, he is marked by the phoenix symbol, but ironically, he is inhibited from rising like the fabled bird because he lacks the know-how to transform intellectual growth into deeds. After he contacts Faber, however, Montag begins a metamorphosis that signifies his rebirth as the phoenix of a new generation.

How is Clarisse different from anyone guy has ever known?

Clarisse identifies herself as different because of her willingness to think and articulate her thoughts. … When she tells Montag that he is “one of the few” who can tolerate her, Clarisse acknowledges her uniqueness. She is not like her peers. She is unlike anyone Montag has met.

Who turned in Montag?

Mildred and her friends call in separate alarms on Montag for possessing illegal books and reading poetry. Actually, several people call Captain Beatty to turn in Montag for having books hidden.

Why does Montag say you never wash off completely?

During his conversations, Montag says that “You never wash it off completely,” referring to the kerosene. … It is important to the plot because it makes Montag question himself and realize that he is not really happy. He starts to think that life as he knows it is not really the way it’s supposed to be.

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