Why are there no firehouse dogs in Chicago?

Ban has brought pushback from within and outside the Chicago Fire Department. WMAQ-TV: The Chicago Fire Department has decided to no longer permit dogs at firehouses following an incident in which a firehouse dog killed a family’s pet outside a fire station, according to department officials.

Why is there a ban on firehouse dogs in Chicago?

CHICAGO (AP) — Dogs have been banned from Chicago firehouses after one ran free, fatally attacking a family dog that was being walked near the station, officials said Tuesday.

What happened to the dog on Chicago fire?

CHICAGO (WLS) — The Chicago Fire Department is ending its tradition of allowing firehouse dogs. The decision comes after an incident at the Engine 116 firehouse on W. 60th Street and S. Ashland Avenue over the weekend when a firehouse dog attacked and killed a smaller dog.

Does Firehouse 51 get a new dog?

Yes, the NBC drama is bringing a puppy named Pouch to Firehouse 51 as part of the regular cast. Pouch will be introduced on Wednesday’s episode when Peter (played by Charlie Barnett) finds the puppy and wants to keep him at the firehouse.

Does Chicago Fire get a new dog?

There is also uncertainty over what the season will hold for our favorite four-legged cast member: Tuesday the dalmatian. First introduced in season 7, Tuesday is Ritter’s (Daniel Kyri) dog who becomes the unofficial 51 dog after he begins bringing her in during his shifts due to his pup’s separation anxiety.

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Where did pouch go?

Pouch, the U.K.-based money-saving browser extension, has been acquired by German ‘publishing technology’ platform Global Savings Group. Exact financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed, although I understand it to be a cash purchase and in the 7-figure U.S. dollar range, plus performance related bonuses.

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