What is a fire safety schedule NSW?

A Fire Safety Schedule (FSS) is a detailed list of the fire safety measures applicable to a building that forms the basis of the Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS).

Should all buildings have a fire safety schedule?

A Fire Safety Schedule is required to be attached to, and is considered to form part of, a relevant Development Consent, Complying Development Certificate, Construction Certificate or Fire Safety Order. A Fire Safety Schedule is required to address the whole Building, not just the part subject to the proposed works.

What is an annual fire safety statement NSW?

An annual fire safety statement must be issued each year and include all the essential fire safety measures that apply to a building. The statement also verifies that an accredited practitioner (fire safety) has inspected and confirmed that the exit systems in the building are in compliance with the Regulation.

What are critical fire safety measures NSW?

Critical fire safety measures are the fire safety measures that are of a nature or installed in a manner which requires periodic assessment and inspection at intervals of less than 12 months. These measures are specifically identified on the fire safety schedule and form part of a supplementary fire safety statement.

What are essential fire safety measures?

Essential fire safety measures

  • access panels, doors and hoppers to fire-resisting shafts.
  • automatic fail-safe devices.
  • automatic fire detection and alarm systems.
  • automatic fire suppression systems.
  • emergency lifts.
  • emergency lighting.
  • emergency warning and intercommunication systems.
  • exit signs.
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Who can issue a Fire Safety Certificate in NSW?

The local Council are the regulatory authority on this matter. There are two types of fire safety certificates, final and interim. The final fire safety certificate covers each essential fire safety measure specified in the fire safety schedule for the completed building.

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