Frequent question: How many fire trucks are there in England?

Characteristic Number of firefighters
Greater London 4,683
Scotland* 3,673

How many fire trucks are there in the UK?

Number of wholetime firefighters (headcount) (from 2014/15 to 2019/20) for England

Period Number of wholetime firefighters (headcount)
2017/18 22,749 2,528
2018/19 22,801 2,533
2019/20 22,793 2,533

How many fire trucks are in London?

It has 5,992 staff, including 5,096 operational firefighters and officers based at 102 fire stations (plus one river station).

London Fire Brigade.

Operational area
Commissioner Andy Roe
Facilities and equipment
Divisions 5
Stations 103

How many firemen are in the UK 2020?

32,171 staff (FTE) were employed as firefighters on 31 March 2020. This was virtually unchanged compared with the previous year (32,232 in 2019). Since 2010 the number of firefighters has decreased by 23 per cent.

What is fire truck called in the UK?

Red lorry, yellow lorry’.

How many fire fighters died in 2020?

A significant year in firefighter fatality data

Note: Since publishing, the USFA has updated the total number of on-duty deaths for 2020. The total for the year is 96. The total of those who died due to COVID-19 in 2020 is 35. 2020 ended with a total of 96 on-duty deaths per the United States Fire Administration.

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How many firefighters died in the UK each year?

There were 286 fire-related fatalities in Great Britain during 2019/20, 31 fewer than occurred in the previous reporting year when there were 317.

Number of fire-related fatalities in Great Britain from 1981/82 to 2019/20.

Characteristic Number of fatalities
2019/20 286
2018/19 317
2017/18 399
2016/17 328
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