Does Firehouse Subs have a steak sandwich?

24. Available in participating U.S. restaurants, this savory steak sandwich is topped with a rich blend of sharp cheddar and American cheeses flavored with White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale, and crispy fried onions, served atop Firehouse Subs’ signature toasted sub roll.

Does Firehouse Subs have steak?

Firehouse Steak & Cheese™

Sautéed steak, melted provolone, sautéed onions and bell peppers, mayo, and deli mustard.

What kind of steak does Firehouse Subs use?

USDA Choice roast beef, smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham, and melted provolone, served Fully Involved.

How much is a steak and cheese Firehouse sub?

Firehouse Subs Menu Prices

New York Steamer® Large $8.49
Italian™ Medium $5.99
Italian™ Large $8.49
Firehouse Steak & Cheese® Medium $6.19

What is the best sub at Firehouse Subs?

WHAT IS FIREHOUSE SUBS BEST SELLER? Robin told us that the Hook and Ladder is their number one seller, and I could tell why. My sub was piled high with fresh meat: the Hook and Ladder features smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham and melted Monterey Jack cheese.

How many calories are in a steak and cheese sub from Firehouse Subs?

Nutrition Facts

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Calories 830 (3473 kJ)
Total Fat 51 g 78%
Saturated Fat 13 g 65%
Cholesterol 110 mg 37%
Sodium 2300 mg 96%

Which is better Subway or Firehouse Subs?

While Subway made a fortune touting low calorie counts, Firehouse is known for selling hefty sandwiches for big appetites. … With its vegetables and lower calorie counts, Subway arguably invented the idea of “fresh” fast food two decades ago. But while Subway stayed the same, better competitors got into the space.

Did Firehouse Subs change their steak?


24. … As temperatures begin to drop, the Firehouse Pub Steak Sub presents a new hearty, hot sandwich option for guests that still delivers the unmatched quality, portions and flavor they expect and enjoy from Firehouse Subs.

Do firehouse meatballs have pork?

The Firehouse Subs Italian meatball is primarily made with a combination of ground beef and ground pork. The recipe for Italian style meatballs include bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese, Romano cheese, parsley, garlic and onion.

What brand of mayo does Firehouse Subs use?

They even put it on their pastrami sandwiches, which usually only come with mustard, but the Sorensens put their own unique twist on it. They use the Duke’s mayonnaise brand which most Southerners are well-acquainted with.

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