Does Faber think the firemen are the only problem?

Faber does not think firemen are the only problem and making them look like traitors will not make everything else ok. Why was the Book of Job an appropriate one for Faber to read to Montag?

Why does Faber say the firemen are actually unnecessary?

Faber says it is because “People are having fun” (87). Consequently, people would rather have a good time than become more educated and literate; therefore, the firemen aren’t as needed as they seem to be.

Why does Faber say that firemen aren’t really even necessary Why don’t they even need to really burn the books?

According to Faber, why are firemen rarely necessary? Because there aren’t anymore books left and no one if making any more of them.

What does Faber say is Montag’s problem?

What does Faber say is the cause of Montag’s unhappiness? Not the books themselves, but their meaning. … Montag concludes that they could use that as a chance to bring books back.

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What does Faber suggest to get fireman in trouble?

In Fahrenheit 451, Faber initially suggested that they plant books inside the homes of firemen and call in alarms on them. However, Faber deems this idea too risky and feels like they would be committing suicide if they followed through with the plan.

Is Faber guilty?

Faber sees himself as being guilty of a crime, instead of the people who fought for literature. As Faber did not speak out, he never learned who else was on his side, and doesn’t know how to speak out now. … Professor Faber says this to Montag the first time they meet at Faber’s house.

What did Faber do when books become illegal?

Faber is caught hiding a book in his shirt pocket by Montag, and runs away because it is illegal to read and carry books. At first, Faber was scared to death of Montag, but he eventually found the courage to talk to Montag.

What 3 things does Faber say are missing from a world without books?

In the book Fahrenheit 451, Faber says there are 3 elements missing from a world without books. The three elements are quality information, the leisure to digest it, and the freedom to act on what they’ve learned.

Why does Beatty slap the old woman?

Beatty slaps the woman in order to coerce her to reveal where the books are. … She refuses, and ignites herself amongst her books with a kitchen match. The firemen are silent on the way back to the firehouse.

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Is Beatty a boy or girl?

Beatty is the oldest of the Hollywood couple’s four children. In the video, he reveals that he began transitioning from a girl to a boy in his early teens.

What does Faber say is missing from society?

In Fahrenheit 451, Faber says that three things are missing from society. These things are high-quality information, the freedom to digest that information, and the ability to act based on what people learn from the interaction of those two things.

What does Faber think of himself?

Faber refers to the green bullet as proof of his “terrible cowardice.” Overall, Faber considers himself a coward because in his heart he knew that the right thing to do was to challenge the oppressive regime, but he was too afraid to take a stand or undermine the fireman institution.

Why is Faber afraid to ask?

Why is Faber afraid to answer? Faber thinks Montag is trying to trap him by getting him to admit that he has some copies of these books. In this world, people like Faber have to be very careful who they talk to and what they say, or else they might be arrested and have their house burned down.

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