Can you put logs on a gas fire pit?

Types of Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Logs. Two primary types of logs can work wonderfully for outdoor fire pits – refractory cement and ceramic. Both of these types are artificial rather than real wood.

Can you put wood in a gas fire pit?

Due to the intense heat generated by a wood burning fire, your outdoor fire pit will crack. NEVER burn wood in your Gas Fire Pit!

Can you smoke around a gas fire pit?

1. Stay Smoke -Free with Gas Fire Pits. Wood burning fire pits tend to produce an inconvenient amount of smoke. … Fortunately, gas fire pits do not produce smoke of any kind which means you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor fire pit more thoroughly.

Can you put a Duraflame in a gas fireplace?

Can Duraflame logs be used in a gas fireplace if you don’t turn on the gas? … You could use them in a fireplace that has a gas lighter, but not in a gas fireplace as another reviewer stated Gas fireplaces have much smaller flues and are not designed for either the heat or smoke that a real wood burning fire generates.

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Can you cook hotdogs over a gas fire pit?

You can either roast hot dogs wieners or cocktail weiners easily over a fire. Simply place the wieners on a stick, and roast over the fire until they are browned. … For hot dogs, make sure you have buns and your favorite topping available nearby for convenience.

What is the best fuel for a fire pit?

Best fuels to use on your fire pit

  • Kiln Dried Logs: As the name would suggest, kiln dried logs offer a lower moisture content than seasoned or wet logs as they have been dried in a kiln for 7 days. …
  • Wood Briquettes: …
  • Charcoal: …
  • Smokeless Fuels:

Is Duraflame a gas log?

Duraflame logs are chemically treated paper and sawdust, and put out lots of combustion products when they burn – hence all the pretty colors in the flames. Most fireplace supply stores have the ceramic ‘logs’ that fit on top of your gas burner.

Can I roast marshmallows over a Duraflame log?

Is it okay to cook over the fire of a duraflame firelog? No. Duraflame firelogs are not designed nor intended for use as a cooking fuel.

Are Duraflame logs toxic to dogs?

Firestarter logs (commonly known by the brand, Duraflame) are readily available in the house. These logs are designed to start fires in fireplaces easily, as they are highly flammable. If ingested by dogs, the compressed sawdust and wax within these logs can result in a foreign body obstruction in the stomach.

Do gas fireplace logs need to be replaced?

A: Gas log sets require no daily maintenance but should be inspected annually by a professional. Logs need to be inspected for cracks and breaks and replaced if they are not in sound condition. Valves, pipes and gas connections should also inspected to ensure they are in good repair.

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Can you burn a gas fireplace without logs?

The answer to “Can you burn wood in a gas fireplace?” is a resounding NO! That is, if your setup is a true gas-only fireplace. In this type of installation, burning wood is extremely hazardous. With other kinds of gas fireplaces, you might be able to burn wood, but only under the right conditions.

Should flames touch gas logs?

In order to avoid carbon monoxide emissions, the flame must avoid touching the logs. As a result, there is no flexibility in rearranging the way the log set looks. Whatever way it comes from the manufacturer is how it will stay.

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