Your question: How does Montag different from the other firemen?

In Fahrenheit 451, Clarisse appears very shocked to learn that Montag is a fireman. In her opinion, Montag is not like other firemen because he listens to the things she says. When she talks about the moon, for example, she notices that Montag looks up at it, as if he is really thinking about what she has said.

What does Montag realize about the firemen?

Montag is conscious of feeling vaguely guilty around Beatty, but he does not know the exact origin of his feeling. In this section, Montag begins to feel alienated from the other firemen. He realizes suddenly that all the other firemen look exactly like him, with their uniforms, physiques, and grafted-on, sooty smiles.

How is Guy Montag different?

Guy Montag is innately sensitive and imaginative, intelligent but blundering, and quite discontent with his life.

How does Montag describe fire differently now?

How does Montag view fire differently now? He realizes it is not destroying but warming. … They lost his scent, so they look for an unsuspecting scapegoat so that the public doesn’t think Montag got away.

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How does Montag different from society?

Montag is different because over the course of the book, he evolves from being more or less a mindless drone like everyone else to being introspective and evaluating his job and his life. When the story starts, Montag seems to be much like everyone else in his society.

What happens after Montag kills Beatty?

Montag then squeezes the trigger and shoots Captain Beatty with liquid flames. Montag ends up killing Captain Beatty to avoid being arrested and to protect Faber from suffering the same fate. Montag also wishes to stop the cycle of burning books and censoring literature.

What does Montag realize all the firemen have in common?

What does Montag notice that all of the firemen have in common? He noticed that theyvall have sunburnt faces, they had charcoil hair, soot-colored brows, amd blusish-ash-smeared cheeks that were unshaven.

What Guy Montag means?

Guy Montag

Montag is initially presented as a content citizen of a world where books are treated as dangerous. The famous opening line of the novel, “It was a pleasure to burn,” is written from Montag’s perspective. Montag revels in his work and is a respected member of society because of it.

How did Montag destroy the hound?

Mildred rushes out of the house with a suitcase and is driven away in a taxi, and Montag realizes she must have called in the alarm. … The Mechanical Hound appears and injects Montag’s leg with anesthetic before he manages to destroy it with his flamethrower.

Why was Clarisse considered anti social?

Clarisse is considered anti-social because she refuses to participate in the activates that the government deems as acceptable activities for people in the society of “Fahrenheit 451”. … Her society considers being social fitting in; going to her classes and sitting there absorbing everything.

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Who does Montag find in the woods?

In Part Three of Fahrenheit 451, Montag meets a group of men in the woods. These men consist of former college professors who are ostracised from society because of their opposition to censorship. Their leader, Granger, for example, struck a fireman and has been running ever since.

Who influenced Montag the most?

The strongest influences in Montag’s life are Clarisse, the burning on 11 Elm Street and Captain Beatty. Firstly, Montag is influenced by Clarisse McClellan because she is the first person he has met that is not like the rest of the society. Clarisse is a young 17 year old girl that Montag quickly becomes very fond of.

Who is Clarisse McClellan What is she like and how old is she?

who is clarisse mcclellan? what is she like? how old is she? A beautiful 16-year-old who introduces Montag to the world’s potential for beauty and meaning with her gentle innocence and curiosity.

How does Montag change in the end?

He starts openly reading books, defiantly insisting on taking them in. At the end of the novel, his entire world has changed; “he would not be Montag anymore…and one day he would look back upon the fool and know the fool. … He then begins to read the books and decides they have great value.

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