Why does Faber say that firemen aren’t really even necessary Why don’t they even need to really burn the books?

According to Faber, why are firemen rarely necessary? Because there aren’t anymore books left and no one if making any more of them.

Why does Faber say firemen are rarely necessary?

Faber says it is because “People are having fun” (87). Consequently, people would rather have a good time than become more educated and literate; therefore, the firemen aren’t as needed as they seem to be. Through this comment, Faber is drawing an important conclusion about the nature of society.

Does Faber think the firemen are the only problem?

Faber does not think firemen are the only problem and making them look like traitors will not make everything else ok. Why was the Book of Job an appropriate one for Faber to read to Montag?

Who says remember the firemen are rarely necessary?

Quote by Ray Bradbury: “Remember, the firemen are rarely necessary.

Why is it ironic that firemen in Fahrenheit 451 burn books?

Bradbury’s quote is ironic because throughout Farenheit 451, firemen are starting fires as to burn books that are banned. it is ironic because in reality firemen put out fires instead of starting them. Clarice brings this up and Montag has to disregard so, because she’s thinking too much.

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Why does Faber consider himself a coward?

When Faber and Montag meet for the first time in the novel, Faber says he is a coward because he “saw the way things were going, a long time back” and yet he “said nothing.” Even though Faber privately rebels against the government by owning books and creating his own technology, he feels that he did not do enough to …

What does those who don’t build must burn mean?

During a conversation between Montag and Faber, Faber says, “Those who don’t build must burn. It’s as old as history and juvenile delinquents” (Bradbury, 42). Faber is saying that those individuals who do not positively contribute to society are helping to destroy it.

Is Faber guilty?

Faber sees himself as being guilty of a crime, instead of the people who fought for literature. As Faber did not speak out, he never learned who else was on his side, and doesn’t know how to speak out now. … Professor Faber says this to Montag the first time they meet at Faber’s house.

What did Faber do when books become illegal?

Faber is caught hiding a book in his shirt pocket by Montag, and runs away because it is illegal to read and carry books. At first, Faber was scared to death of Montag, but he eventually found the courage to talk to Montag.

What does Faber say is missing from society?

In Fahrenheit 451, Faber says that three things are missing from society. These things are high-quality information, the freedom to digest that information, and the ability to act based on what people learn from the interaction of those two things.

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Why is it ironic that Montag placed the green bullet in his ear?

The tiny green-metal object resembles a . 22 bullet, which is why it is called the green bullet. When Montag places the green bullet in his ear, he can communicate with Faber, who is listening on the other end at a safe distance.

How like a beautiful statue of ice it was melting in the sun I remember the newspapers dying like huge moths?

“How like a beautiful statue of ice it was, melting in the sun. I remember the newspapers dying like huge moths” (Bradbury, 85). This is a simile because it is a comparison made between two unlike objects (Statue of ice and newspaper) and the word like is used in it.

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