Why are firefighters being blamed for Grenfell?

Sir Martin said the “principal” reason the fire spread so quickly “up, down and around the building was the presence of the aluminium composite material (ACM) rainscreen panels with polyethylene cores, which acted as a source of fuel”.

Who was to blame Grenfell?

Toxic regulations, not the fire brigade, are to blame for the Grenfell deaths.

Has anyone been held responsible for Grenfell?

No one has been held accountable‘: Adele’s powerful Grenfell tribute on fourth anniversary. Adele thanked survivors’ group Grenfell United and reminded the world how “no one has been held accountable” for the tower block fire that claimed 72 lives in West London.

Why was Grenfell so bad?

The failure of the Grenfell Tower smoke-control system has been identified by experts as a factor in the building’s escape route filling with thick smoke, which may have prevented evacuation and rescue. The system was designed to extract smoke from lobbies outside flats in the event of a fire and protect the staircase.

Did Grenfell Flats own privately?

Grenfell Tower was owned by the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and was managed by a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO). The block was 24 storeys tall and contained 120 flats.

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