Who called the firefighters to Montag’s house?

Captain Beatty nods yes and proceeds to tell Montag that Mildred’s friends also called in an alarm on him after he read poetry aloud. Mildred and her friends call in separate alarms on Montag for possessing illegal books and reading poetry.

Who called the firemen to Montag’s house and why?

Answer and Explanation: When Captain Beatty comes to arrest Montag, he reveals that Mildred, Montag’s wife, and some of her friends called in the alarms for his house. Beatty takes it upon himself to explain the history of firemen and indicate why books must be burned.

Who called in the first alarm for Montag’s house?

Montag then asks Captain Beatty if Mildred called in the alarm on him. Beatty nods yes and also tells Montag that Mildred’s friends had initially called in an alarm after he read poetry to them aloud in his home.

Why do the firemen come to Montag’s house?

The goal of his visit is to persuade Montag that literature is dangerous and useless to society. Captain Beatty does not want Montag to begin reading books for answers to life’s difficult questions and assures him that being a fireman is a noble occupation.

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Why was Clarisse considered anti social?

Clarisse is considered anti-social because she refuses to participate in the activates that the government deems as acceptable activities for people in the society of “Fahrenheit 451”. … Her society considers being social fitting in; going to her classes and sitting there absorbing everything.

Why does Montag stop by Faber’s house?

Why does Montag stop by Faber’s house while he is on the run from the new Mechanical Hound? To get a drink of water.

Why did Montag run to Faber’s after killing Beatty?

So, Montag runs to Faber because Faber is his mentor and because Faber is the only one left who might help him.

What does Mildred do when the firemen arrive at the house?

What does Mildred do when she sees the firemen? A. She welcomes them into the home.

Why did Captain Beatty believe books?

Beatty’s explicit reason for destroying books is to maintain social order. … According to Beatty, society got so overpopulated, so sensitive to insult, and so concerned with pleasure, that things which created divisions became so unwelcome as to be dangerous to social order itself.

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