Which military branches have firefighters?

Whether you want to become a firefighter in the Army, an Air Force firefighter, a Marine firefighter or a Navy firefighter, you will need to meet the requirements to join that branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.

What military branch has firefighters?

The Air Force operates with unusual materials and unique environments all over the world, so we need specialists prepared for anything. Acting as the firemen of the Air Force, Fire Protection specialists deal with everything from brush fires to burning rocket fuel and hazardous material fires.

Which branch has the most firefighters?

Why? While all four branches of the military have firefighters, most are in either the Air Force or the Navy.

What certifications do Army firefighters get?

They will be:

  • First Responder Certification.
  • HazMat Operations Certification.
  • Firefighter I Certification.
  • Firefighter II Certification.
  • Airport Firefighter Certification.

Can the Army help me become a firefighter?

Joining the military is one way to gain the skills needed to become a professional firefighter. Military firefighters are trained in all aspects of firefighting through a logical set of procedures.

What is the best military branch to be a firefighter?

A good number of firefighters that currently work for the DoD are prior enlisted Air Force so it can be a good foot in the door to a federal job. Understand that if you’re looking to go municipal a lot of departments will still require you attend their academy before employment even if you have every cert in the book.

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Can you be a firefighter in the Navy?

Navy Firefighter Duties

You will be assigned to a naval base or ship in the United States or locations around the world where you will serve fellow sailors and their families. … In addition, you will assist in rescues and provide emergency medical care and first aid as a Navy first responder.

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