Where should fire alarm pull boxes be located?

Location – Manual fire alarm boxes (pull stations) shall be located not more than five feet from the entrance to each exit. Manual fire alarm boxes shall be located in each story including basements.

Where are manual fire alarm boxes required?

6, NFPA 72, 2007, “Manual fire alarm boxes shall be located within 5 feet of the exit doorway opening at each exit on each floor.”) And when there’s a group of doors that span a distance of 40 feet or more, the code calls for a manual pull on each side of the grouping.

How many pull stations are required?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101 Life Safety Code requires at least one manual fire pull station in each building. The code states that a building should not entrust life safety to only one safeguard, and directs that additional safeguards be implemented.

What is the height of a fire alarm pull station?

Manual Fire Alarm Boxes (Pull Stations) – The height of the manual fire alarm boxes shall be a minimum of 42 inches and a maximum of 54 inches measured vertically, from the floor level to the activating handle or lever of the box. Manual fire alarm boxes shall be red in color.

When should I pull my fire alarm?

The detection devices are very sensitive and the Fire Alarm System provides you with an early warning of an emergency situation. Even if your area is clear of any smoke or odor, do not disregard the alarm, as there could be an incident on a floor away from your area.

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Can fire alarm pull stations be white?

The pull stations are available in red, blue, green, yellow, white, black, gray, purple or orange. The wording on the pull stations is customizable with a large variety of standardized units. The standard models have a hex key reset, however a key reset is also available.

What is the maximum mounting height of a smoke detector?

Smoke Detector & Heat Detector Mounting Heights

Detector Type Maximum Ceiling Height (m) Cat L/P
Smoke Detectors 10.5 Meters (12.5 meters for 10% of Ceiling)
CO Point Detectors 10.5 Meters (12.5 meters for 10% of Ceiling)
Optical Beam Detectors 25 Meters (25 meters for 10% of Ceiling)
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