What is the tone of the poem verses upon the burning of our house?

“Verses upon the Burning of our House” As a Representative of Sorrow: The poem is about the speaker’s loss and her developing reaction toward it. The poem begins when the speaker is ready to sleep without expecting any sorrow. Unfortunately, thundering noises of fire wakes her up, and she rushes out of the house.

Which best describes the tone of this poem upon the burning of our house?

In Anne Bradstreet’s poem “Here Follow Some Verses Upon the Burning of Our House, July 10 1666” she recalls the experience of losing her home and the majority of her materialistic possessions in a fire. The tone in her poem is lyrical; however, it starts out gloomy and ends in a jovial tone that is full of awe.

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What is the speaker’s tone in the stanza from upon the burning of our house?

ATTITUDE: Wha is the attitude or tone of the speaker? She is sad scared, and misses her stuff and gets to a point where she becomes content with what happened. She praised God.

What is Anne Bradstreet’s tone in the poem?

The poem’s tone is endearing, emotional, and passionate. She writes of her love and claims that he and she are one. Bradstreet is happy in the poem and the tone comes across as a happy tone. She is romantic in the poem.

What type of poem is Verses upon the burning of our house?

Verses upon the Burning of our House

by Anne Bradstreet
Original title Here follow some verses upon the burning of our house, July 10, 1666
Subject(s) Puritanism
Form Couplet
Rhyme scheme AA BB

What is the theme of upon the burning of our house?

Major Themes in “Verses upon the Burning of our House”: Faith and acceptance are the major themes of this poem. The poem narrates a tragic incident that destroyed her home. It represents the internal struggle of the speaker whose earthly house turned into ashes.

How does the first stanza help frame the overall poem?

Answer: The first stanza helps frame the overall poem by giving us the image of a house of which there is nothing left, only the speaker and her memories. Explanation: This poem describes a painful situation in which the protagonist relates about a burned house in which she used to live.

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What literary devices are used in upon the burning of our house?

Two important devices are end rhyme and anaphora. Anne Bradstreet’s poem is about her house burning down. That incident in her was out of her control. She uses end rhyme throughout her poem to have a sense of control.

What is the conflict in upon the burning of our house?

What emotional conflict might Puritan poet Anne Bradstreet have felt about losing her home to a fire? This poem is a response to a terrible personal loss. In trying to work through her loss, this poet portrays an internal debate, a dialogue between herself and her soul.

What is the turning point of Here follow some verses upon the burning of our house?

The turning point in the story occurs when the speaker quits pining over the ruins of her home and begins to realize that she should be focusing on her home in heaven rather than her home on earth.

What can give the speaker recompense for her love for her husband?

It is so great that not even a river can “quench” it, and the only thing that can give her “recompense” is love from her husband. The word “quench” means lots of things, which makes it tough to suss out the meaning of this line. It usually means to extinguish, put out, or satisfy.

How does the imagery in the first stanza of July affect the mood of the poem?

How does the imagery in the first stanza of “July” affect the mood of the poem? The imagery and language give the poem a drowsy, relaxed mood.

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What is the metaphor in the author to her book?

In Anne Bradstreet’s poem “The Author to Her Book,” the controlling metaphor is the image of a baby being born and cared for. This birth imagery expresses the complex attitude of the speaker by demonstrating that the speaker’s low regard for her own work and her actions are contradictory.

What is the extended metaphor in upon the burning of our house?

(Our house is our nest.) An extended metaphor is one that draws the comparison out and compares the two things at length and in many ways. (Our house is our nest; we fly away only to return to its snug protection.) Personification is a figure of speech in which an object, animal, or idea is given human characteristics.

When the speaker in upon the burning of our house?

2) Recall: When the speaker in “Upon the Burning of Our House” wakes up to find her house on fire, what is her initial reaction? The speaker gets up and prays to God for strength and help.

What two homes does she describe in lines upon the burning of our house?

In “Verses upon the Burning of our House, July 10, 1666,” Bradstreet describes the feelings she experiences when her house burns down. … The two houses that Bradstreet refers to are the house that burned down and heaven, a house that can never be destroyed: both belong to God.

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