What is the best way to protect your home before a wildfire occurs?

What should you do to stay safe before a wildfire start?

What should be on my wildfire preparedness checklist?

  1. Remove vines from house walls.
  2. Move shrubs and other landscaping away from your house walls.
  3. Remove highly flammable and low-branched trees, such as evergreens, eucalyptus, and juniper.
  4. For remaining trees, remove limbs within 15 feet of the ground.

How do I prepare my house for a forest fire?

Prepare Your Home For A Wildfire

  1. Rake leaves, dead limbs and twigs, and clear out all flammable vegetation.
  2. Remove leaves and rubbish from under structures.
  3. Thin a 15-foot space between tree crowns, and remove limbs within 15 feet of the ground.
  4. Remove dead branches that extend over the roof.

What should you never do during a wildfire?

5 things you should never do in a fire

  • Breaking windows. …
  • Opening hot doors. …
  • Returning for your belongings. …
  • Hiding. …
  • Do not use lifts. …
  • Use the appropriate fire extinguisher. …
  • Call the emergency services. …
  • Escape.

What are signs of a wildfire?

Understanding Wildfire Warnings, Watches and Behavior

  • Moving fast: High rate of spread.
  • Prolific crowning and/or spotting.
  • Presence of fire whirls.
  • Strong convection column.

What is the biggest wildfire in history?

America’s Most Devastating Wildfires

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Fire Date Acres Burned
The Great Michigan Fire October 8, 1871 2.5 million
Hinckley Fire September 1, 1894 160,000
Yacolt Fire September 1902 Over 1 million
The Big Burn August 1910 3 million

What two things should you do before a wildfire approaches your house?

Remove lightweight curtains. Move flammable furniture to the center of the room, away from windows and doors. Shut off gas at the meter; turn off pilot lights. Leave your lights on so firefighters can see your house under smoky conditions.

How can I make my home fire safe?

How to Make Your House Fire-Safe

  1. Install at least one smoke detector on every level, near bedrooms, and in the garage.
  2. Test batteries monthly and replace them annually. …
  3. Clean your smoke detector of dust and cobwebs once a month to ensure it’s in proper working condition.

How do I Firewise my property?

Firewise techniques include minimizing the risk of home ignition by carefully landscaping around residential structures such as thinning trees and brush and choosing fire-resistant plants, selecting ignition-resistant building materials and positioning structures away from slopes.

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