What firefighting accessory is used to loosen or tighten hose couplings?

Spanner wrench – used primarly to tighten and loosen hose couplings, other uses are: Wedge for prying.

What tool is used to disconnect hose couplings quizlet?

Most common tools used to tighten or loosen hose couplings are the Spanner, Hydrant Wrench, and Rubber Mallet. Primarily used to remove discharge caps from the hydrant outlets and to open fire hydrant valves. Is sometimes used to strike the lugs to tighten or loosen intake hose couplings.

What are hose tools?

The Snagger Tool by Motis™ is an innovative firefighting tool that allows you to handle a charged fire hose both safely and quickly. Its unique design also allows you to replace several tools with the Snagger! The Snagger Tool is small, light, strong, and simple.

What is fire hose adapter?

Over 300 Fire Hose Adapters In Stock – Brass and Made in the USA lead free aluminum threaded fire adapters allow you to connect fire hose or fire hydrants to the three most common threads: National Pipe Thread (NPT), National Pipe Straight Thread (NPSH) and Garden Hose Thread (GHT).

What are two methods for rolling fire hose?

The donut roll and straight method are the most common rolling methods used by firefighters. However, there are other methods that may be more beneficial for certain situations. For example, the twin donut roll works well for hoses that are approximately 1 ½ to 1 ¾ inches thick.

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Which types of fire hose couplings are very weak and only found on occupant use fire hose?

Cast — Cast couplings are very weak and only found on occupant-use fire hose. They often crack if reattachment to the hose is attempted. Extruded — Extruded couplings are usually made of aluminum or aluminum al- loy, allowing for their lightweight and high strength.

What is hard suction hose most commonly used for?

A hard suction hose is a special type of supply hose that is used to draft water from a static source, such as a river, lake, or portable drafting basin. It is designed to remain rigid and will not collapse when a vacuum is created in the hose to draft the water into the pump.

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