What does Beatty finally admit about the firemen from the past?

What does Beatty finally admit about the firemen from the past? What does Beatty think of fire? firemen used to put out fires; Beatty thinks that you can eliminate all problems by burning it, and that this will make people happier.

What does Beatty reveal about the history of firemen?

Beatty explains that the history of the firemen began around the Civil War. At that point, society quickly began changing, which was amplified by new technologies like the camera, radio, and television.

What does Beatty admit to Montag?

Beatty urges Montag not to overlook how important he and his fellow firemen are to the happiness of the world. He tells him that every fireman sooner or later becomes curious about books; because he has read some himself, he can assert that they are useless and contradictory.

What does Beatty think about fire?

Beatty says that fire’s real beauty is that it destroys consequences. When Montag steals the book, he does not really think about the consequences. It is like the book is asking him to take it, so he takes it.

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What does Beatty say about firemen taking books?

What does Beatty say about firemen taking books? He says that some firemen become curious about books and take one to read. According to Clarisse’s uncle, why did the architects get rid of front porches? Front porches were places where people used to relax, think about various things and chat to each other.

Why does Beatty slap the old woman?

Beatty slaps the woman in order to coerce her to reveal where the books are. … She refuses, and ignites herself amongst her books with a kitchen match. The firemen are silent on the way back to the firehouse.

Is Beatty a boy or girl?

Beatty is the oldest of the Hollywood couple’s four children. In the video, he reveals that he began transitioning from a girl to a boy in his early teens.

Why does Faber claim Beatty is slippery?

Faber warns Montag not to listen because Beatty is “slippery” Beatty goes on quoting while he is telling a story of a dream he had about Montag and their battle of dualing quotes. The quotes I have given are for my copy of the book; however, they should be found in close proximity.

What does Beatty say before he died?

Just before Beatty dies, he speaks some lines from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: There is no terror, Cassius, in your threats, for I am arm’d so strong in honesty that they pass by me as the idle wind, which I respect not. You don’t need an in-depth knowledge of Shakespeare’s…

Why does Beatty make Montag burn his own house?

Beatty feels he has given Montag chances to reform and that Montag has not taken them. … Montag ultimately decides that Beatty provoked him by arming him with a flamethrower and having him burn his house because Beatty had a death wish and hoped for Montag to kill him: Beatty had wanted to die.

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Who does Beatty blame for book banning?

Therefore, Beatty claims, it was the public (not the government) that dictated the censorship of books. The public would rather be happy with a homogeneous, generally well-liked product than have to deal with many different philosophies and viewpoints in books: There you have it, Montag.

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