What does a junior firefighter do?

Junior firefighter programs give young people the chance to learn about local fire, rescue, and emergency medical services response organizations in a safe, controlled, educational, and fun way while providing departments with an excellent recruitment mechanism.

How old are junior firefighters?

Cadet and junior firefighter programs allow minors (youth ages 14 to 18) to learn about volunteer firefighting; train with experienced firefighters; and in some places, assist at fire scenes. Child labor laws that prohibit minors from engaging in hazardous work and limit work hours apply to these programs.

Do junior firefighters go on calls?

Being a junior firefighter is a rewarding way to learn skills used in firefighting and emergency medicine. Upon learning a minimum number of skills, advanced juniors can and are expected to respond to emergency calls under the supervision of senior firefighters.

Are junior firefighters firefighters?

A Junior Firefighter is a youth development program run by the fire department. It is designed to teach young people about firefighting and other emergency services while building important life skills. It is also used to help future firefighter recruitment.

How do you become a junior firefighter?

If you want to join the junior firefighters’ program, you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Candidates should have a minimum C grade.
  2. Meet the minimum age requirement set by the organization.
  3. Candidates should meet a specific number of minimum hours requirement each month.
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Can a 12 year old be a firefighter?

The joining age for Junior Members may vary depending on the area, but is not younger than 12 years. When they turn 16 Junior Members can apply to become operational members (with parental consent) and attend emergency incidents with other brigade members, once they have completed the required training.

Is 26 too old to become a firefighter?

We do not have an age limit for applicants. It is very possible that two people the same age, whether 20 or 40, will perform very differently. It is up to each recruit, in conjunction with their medical physician, to determine what they are physically capable of doing.

Do junior firefighters get pagers?

We don’t allow junior firefighters to have pagers in school, and they aren’t allowed to leave school to go to emergencies.” … Otherwise, no electronic devices, including pagers, are permitted in school.

Can I be a firefighter at 17?

Age requirements vary by department but typically range anywhere from 16-21 for volunteer firefighters or EMTs. Many departments also have junior firefighter programs, in which youth and teenagers can participate in non-emergency roles and learn about the fire service in a safe, educational way.

Are volunteer firefighters paid?

Do volunteer firefighters get paid? Although the label is volunteer and most departments do not provide any form of monetary compensation to the membership, some do. … Just remember, the definition of volunteer is freely giving time to benefit others.

How long does it take to become a firefighter?

How Long Does it Take to Become a Firefighter?

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Activity Time Taken
EMT School 6 months
Paramedic Training 1 – 2 years
Fire Science Education 2 – 4 years
Application + Hiring Process 2 months – 5+ years

What is firefighter training?

Training consists of basic knowledge and skills in exterior firefighting operations. Duties are performed from the exterior of the structure and away from areas that may be immediately dangerous to life and health. Includes safe response, scene security and exposure protection activities.

Is fireman a profession?

Firefighters work closely with other emergency response agencies such as the police and emergency medical service.


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