What do you study in firefighting?

Firefighting courses teach students the skills needed to control and manage many types of fires. Courses address how to combat structural fires, exterior fires, vehicle fires, gas fires, electrical fires, and even wildland fires. Fire rescue tactics are also taught in firefighting courses.

What major is firefighter?

Most firefighters should major in Fire Science, Fire Technology, or Fire Administration programs because they have the greatest relevance to their career, but graduates of other programs can and do work for the fire service.

What is a firefighting degree?

While there is no specific ”firefighter degree”, many successful firefighters have found success pursuing a degree in fire science. Learning about the science behind the start and spread of fires can help you advance into alternative roles in the field, including fire inspectors, fire investigators, and fire marshalls.

How much do firemen get paid?

How much do firefighters get paid? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average firefighter makes about $50,850 annually or $24.45 per hour.

Do firefighters with degrees get paid more?

In some departments, firefighters with advanced education — such as a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree — will receive higher wages. … This allows firefighters to work for 1.5x their regular pay rate, which can end up being quite a boost to their annual salary.

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What is the best college to become a firefighter?

2022 Best Colleges with Fire Science and Firefighting Degrees in America

  • University of Florida. 4 Year. …
  • University of Cincinnati. 4 Year. …
  • College of the Ozarks. …
  • Providence College. …
  • Fox Valley Technical College. …
  • CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice. …
  • Western Technical College – Wisconsin. …
  • Marion Technical College – Florida.

What is the firefighter physical test?

The PAT is used to assess if a candidate’s level of fitness is suitable for a career as a firefighter. The PAT is a highly validated assessment designed specifically to identify and recruit individuals who are physiologically capable of tolerating the work-related demands of firefighting.

What do firefighters do all day?

When not fighting fires, firefighters spend all day responding to medical emergencies and other types of calls, checking equipment, vehicle maintenance, housework/cleaning, writing reports, training and education, physical fitness, public safety demos, and station tours.

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