What do firemen use hooks for?

Also known as a ceiling hook, the pike pole is the “hook” in a hook-and-ladder company, also known as a truck company. Pike poles have remained the preferred tool to tear through sheetrock and ceilings to find hot spots and hidden fires.

What is a New York hook used for?

The New York roof hook (or halligan hook) is a firefighting tool used for multiple purposes including pulling and prying. Developed in the 1940s by FDNY Deputy Chief Hugh Halligan, the tool is composed of a long shaft with two triangular-shaped ends jutting in opposite directions.

What is a Boston rake?

The Boston Rake Hook is presently in use by the Boston Fire Department. Made of superior craftsmanship using the finest materials. On the head is a forged Boston design out of carbon steel joining it to a stainless steel wear sleeve. The shaft is solid fiberglass in a bright yellow color.

What is fire beater?

Fire beaters are often used for putting off small fires such as wild grass, shrubs, dry vegetation, hay, plastics, coal which can be easily put out by beating and smoothering. … A fire beater should be made as light as possible yet its constructions should be sturdy and made out of non-combustible materials.

What do firemen use to break windows?

Window Punches are an essential rescue tool for first responders. TheFireStore offers a range of options from brands like EMI, Zak Tool, and resqme. Shop pull and release window punches, rescue kits, Lifesaver Hammers, multi-tools, and adjustable tension window punches.

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