What character says fight fire with fire in King John?

It’s really Arthur, Richard’s nephew who should be king. Naturally this leads to a huge argument between a bunch of lords, ladies, and knights who all have an opinion about who is rightfully king.

What does the expression fight fire with fire mean?

: to fight against an opponent by using the same methods or weapons that the opponent uses.

Where is the quote fight fire with fire?

The phrase fight fire with fire is derived from a literal fire-fighting practice that was popular in the United States during pioneer times. On the frontier, fire fighters were poorly-equipped volunteers.

Do not start a fire you can’t put out?

The given proverb exemplify an old saying which mainly reflects the idea that ‘one should not get involved into actions(‘start a fire’) which can evoke a series of consequential events that can not be controlled(‘you can’t put out’). Thus, it suggests that such actions must be prevented.

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Tame a raging fire