Quick Answer: When should you use a fire blanket instead of a fire extinguisher?

When dealing with grease or electric fires, you should always use a fire blanket. The blanket itself is made out of fire retardant material that can be thrown over kitchen fires to smother the flames. The blanket can also be safely wrapped around all living beings if they become engulfed in flames.

When would it be appropriate to use a fire blanket?

Fire blankets can be used to extinguish small fires in the home, caravan, boat or garage. They can also be used to wrap around a person whose clothes have caught alight. It is best to store fire blankets in or adjacent to a kitchen but not too close to a potential hazard for example above a stove.

When would you use a fire extinguisher versus a fire blanket?

If a pot is burning, a fire blanket might be able to put out the pot and save the stove. A fire extinguisher, on the other hand, will get dry chemicals all through the appliances which may cause further damage.

Is a fire blanket better than an extinguisher?

While fire blankets are a useful tool to keep on hand for protection, fire extinguishers have more benefits for consumers in the event of a fire. Ideally, families will have both extinguishers and blankets in the home, extinguishers to help stop the spreading of fires and blankets in case anyone ever catches on fire.”

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What should you not use a fire blanket on?

While you should not use fire blankets when a large fire breaks out, they can be critical in preventing the spread of small fires, especially those fires caused by fat, oil or grease in cooking areas, such as a kitchen or a canteen. Given their function, fire blankets are also a useful fire safety feature for the home.

Where should a fire blanket be located?

Fire blankets Fire blankets should be located in the vicinity of the fire hazard they are to be used on, but in a position that can be safely accessed in the event of a fire.

Does fire blanket really work?

A. No it cannot. It’s best to have both of them in your kitchen. While a fire blanket is good for squelching a small fire, you may need to employ the use of a fire extinguisher if the blanket doesn’t work and the fire grows to a larger size.

Can I use fire blanket on electrical fire?

Every commercial building should have a fire blanket, and everyone needs to know where it is stored and how to use it much like a fire extinguisher. As a fire blanket can be used to oil and grease fires as well as electric fires, they are ideal for use in garages where oil and gas spills may occur.

Does a fire blanket expire?

The FIA Code does not have any legal status so there’s no requirement to comply with the suggested seven-year life cycle. In any case, use of the word “consider” shows that this is not a strict rule. Tip. Ignore any advice to replace a fire blanket simply because it’s seven years old or more.

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How much do fire blankets cost?

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Do you need a fire blanket in a kitchen?

Many fire safety product suppliers will automatically specify a fire blanket for a kitchen, even for small rooms with minimal equipment. But doing so is not always necessary. Tip 1. Fire blankets work by smothering the flames and are an excellent option for putting out a fire in a frying pan or deep fat fryer.

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