Quick Answer: Can you have a bonfire on Cocoa beach?

The campfire shall be located and surrounded by beach sand only. Bonfires are not permitted. The permit fee shall be $30.

Can I have a fire on Cocoa Beach?

Fires are only allowed on the beach with a permit, allowed in certain areas of the City during certain times of the year. No open fires, including any type of charcoal. View more information on the Beach Permits page. No Fireworks on the beach.

Are bonfires allowed on Florida beaches?

Beach visitors are permitted to bring their own bonfire pit as long as it’s not sea turtle nesting season. No permit necessary! All rules still apply. The wood for the fire is not provided.

Can you have a bonfire at a beach?

If you can build a campfire, you can build a bonfire on the beach. … If the beach has an established fire pit, most of the work is done for you. If not, start by picking the site, which needs to be at least 50 feet from any vegetation or sand dunes. Ideally, you’ll choose a site that’s below the high-tide line.

Can you have alcohol on Cocoa Beach?

No Glass on the Beach – Cocoa Beach is one of the few that allows alcohol on the beach, but glass bottles are against the law. No Animals on the Beach – not even on a leash! The penalty is a fine. … No Fires on the Beach Without a Permit – fires are allowed in certain areas of the City during certain times of the year.

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Is Cocoa Beach trashy?

Cocoa Beach is very trashy. I would avoid going places alone at night.

Is Cocoa Beach safe to swim in?

The ocean can still be enjoyed with the following cautions: Always swim where other people are swimming – never swim alone! … Be aware of ocean currents and rip tides – if you are caught in a rip tide, swim parallel to the beach (go with the current) – do not try to swim against the current!

What beaches in Florida can you have a fire?

3 Places Where You Can Have A Beach Bonfire In Florida

  • Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. …
  • Volusia County. …
  • Walton County.

Does Seal beach have bonfire pits?

On no-burn days, burning wood in fireplaces, backyard fire pits and wood stoves across the entire South Coast Air Basin are prohibited.

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