Question: Who is responsible for completing a fire risk assessment NHS?

An owner of the company is responsible for completing a fire risk assessment, too. Others who are responsible include landlords, as well as an occupier. If a person has control of the premise, then they are the ones responsible for carrying out an assessment.

Who completes a fire risk assessment NHS?

Anyone who has control over the premises is responsible for completing Fire Risk Assessments, whether that’s an individual or part of a team for one particular area. For example, this could be: An employer. The owner and/or managing agent for any premises.

Who is responsible for fire audits NHS?

The Fire Authorities have the right to come and inspect such assessments at any reasonable time or in the event of any fire related incident. This policy has been written to reflect the requirements of national legislation and the Department of Health Firecode HTM 05-01: Managing healthcare fire safety.

Can I complete my own fire risk assessment?

In simple terms yes, there is no reason why you cannot complete your own fire safety risk assessment. … The Fire Safety Risk Assessment must be completed by a “Competent Person”. Therefore you must have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience. The Fire Safety Risk Assessment must also be “Suitable and Sufficient”.

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What responsibilities do all NHS staff have during a fire?

All staff, including part-time and agency staff must receive formal fire training to include emergency evacuation and first stage fire fighting procedures appropriate to their actual place of work once per year. The Fire Safety Advisor will prepare and present a programme of training for all staff.

The law states that a risk assessment must be ‘suitable and sufficient’, ie it should show that: a proper check was made. you asked who might be affected. you dealt with all the obvious significant risks, taking into account the number of people who could be involved.

What happens if risk assessments are not done?

It is widely known that employees can pursue injury claims for accidents that occur in the workplace or during the course of their employment if their employers have been negligent or breached their statutory duties.

What is the single most common cause of fire?

The biggest single cause of any fire incident is human behaviour; the danger in your workplace or home comes primarily from either the action or negligence of you and those around you.

What do I do if I hear a continuous fire alarm NHS?

If there is a continuous fire alarm, evacuate to the fire as- sembly point as indicated on fire action notices. Do not re-enter the building unless told it is safe by the fire response team or fire and rescue service. If you have any questions or concerns regarding fire safety, use contacts below.

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