Question: What is the sentence of firefighter?

a member of a fire department who tries to extinguish fires. (1) The firefighter broke into the house to rescue the old. (2) A firefighter was overcome by fumes at a blaze in a plastics factory. (3) Ferry, a 26-year-old San Francisco firefighter, had taught her how.

What is fire one sentence?

fire (n): flames and heat produced when something burns; burning fuel for cooking or heating; shots from guns. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: “There is a huge fire in the building.” (huge, big, raging, serious)

What is the use of firefighter?

Firefighters respond to fires, accidents and other incidents where there are risks to life and property. Full-time firefighters help protect the public in emergency situations. They respond to a wide variety of calls: as well as fires, they assist at car crashes, chemical spills, flooding and water rescue.

What is the sentence of fire brigade?

The fire brigade arrived within two minutes of receiving the call, but by this time the building was well alight. I pay tribute to the police, fire brigade and ambulance services who were at the scene at an early stage. They were so intent on their steamboats that they neglected the fire brigade.

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Who is a fireman in simple words?

Firefighters or firemen are people whose job is to put out fires and rescue people. Besides fires, firefighters rescue people and animals from car wrecks, collapsed buildings, stuck elevators and many other emergencies. Firefighting is a job which requires bravery, strength, quick thinking and a wide range of skills.

What is the example of fire?

Fire is defined as flames, or a burning sensation in the body, or something that is burning, or strong enthusiasm. When you strike a match, the flames that you see are an example of fire. When you have a rash that is causing your skin to burn, this is an example of when your skin is on fire.

What is a female fireman called?

: a female firefighter a volunteer firewoman.

What skills do firefighters need?

Firefighters need:

  • To maintain top physical condition such as aerobic endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance and agility.
  • Good judgement and quick decision-making based on knowledge and experience.
  • Ability to give and take orders and function well in a close team environment.

What do firefighters do all day?

When not fighting fires, firefighters spend all day responding to medical emergencies and other types of calls, checking equipment, vehicle maintenance, housework/cleaning, writing reports, training and education, physical fitness, public safety demos, and station tours.

What is Fire Brigade short?

The fire brigade is an organization which has the job of putting out fires; used especially to refer to the people who actually fight the fires. Get everyone out and call the fire brigade. Seven fire brigades were deployed to contain the blaze.

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What is the meaning of fire brigade in English?

: a body of firefighters: such as. a : a usually private or temporary firefighting organization. b British : fire department.

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