Is it better to burn wood or planks in Minecraft?

From the table, using Wooden Planks is clearly more efficient than using Sticks. However, this is not true if we’re interested in bulk-smelting Charcoal. In theory, it would be superior to use Planks — after all, they are more efficient than Sticks.

Is it better to burn logs or planks in Minecraft?

Charcoal vs wooden planks

Based on burning time and farming time, charcoal is less efficient than wooden planks. Charcoal burns for 80 seconds, but it’s made by first burning a log for 10 seconds. … This means 4 planks could smelt 6 items, as it takes 10 seconds to smelt 1 item.

Do planks burn longer than logs?

EDIT: so logs burn for about 10.5 seconds outside a furnace, and inside a furnace about 13.8 seconds. Planks burn for 2.3 seconds outside a furnace, and inside a furnace about 14 seconds.

Do planks burn Minecraft?

Planks [a] are common blocks used as building blocks and in crafting recipes. They are one of the first things that a player can craft in Survival and Adventure modes.


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Renewable Yes
Flammable Overworld Planks: Yes (5) Nether Planks: No
Catches fire from lava Overworld Planks: Yes Nether Planks: No

What is the best thing to smelt with in Minecraft?

Minecraft: 10 Best Items To Use As Fuel In A Furnace

  • 3 Dried Kelp Block.
  • 4 Blaze Rod. …
  • 5 Bamboo. …
  • 6 Logs. …
  • 7 Wooden Tools. …
  • 8 Coal. Isn’t coal just the worse version of coal blocks? …
  • 9 Block Of Coal. The block of coal is arguably the best all-around fuel source. …
  • 10 Lava Bucket. The lava bucket is the best fuel source…on paper. …

How long do wood planks burn?


Fuel Burning time (seconds) [note 1] Seconds per log [note 3]
Overworld Wood or Stripped Wood 15 300 ticks 11.25
Overworld Planks 15 300 ticks 60
Overworld Wooden Slab 15 300 ticks 120
Overworld Wooden Slab 7.5 150 ticks 60

What burns faster Minecraft?

But its handiest feature is its flammability. Light a block of netherrack on fire, and it’ll burn forever. Netherrack was added to the Java edition of Minecraft in Alpha version 1.2.

What burns the longest in last day on Earth?

Burning times

Type Melting furnace Campfire
Pine Plank 2 min 3 min
Charcoal 5 min 20 s 6 min 40 s
Oak Log 1 m 20 s 2 min
Oak Plank 2 min 3 min

What item smelts the most items?

For larger jobs, a single lava bucket or a block of coal can smelt more items than can fit in the furnace—both input and output are limited to a stack of 64, but a block of coal smelts 80 items, and lava can smelt 100 items.

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Do planks burn in lava?

what? are you asking what materials burn? that would be logs, planks, and leaves. they can burn either from fire and lava… Burning zombies/skeletons will not light anything on fire. Burning zombies/skeletons will not light anything on fire.

How many items can a plank smelt?

Accordingly, you will usually want to smelt things in multiples of 8 (when burning lumps of coal or charcoal), or occasionally 3 (2 wooden planks). For individual smelts, you can use sticks or saplings, 2 of which smelt 1 item.

Do Crimson planks burn?

Crimson and warped planks do not burn in a furnace like Birchwood.

What gives the most XP for smelting?

From smelting any of various items.

  • Smelting any ore yields some experience, but normally only nether gold and ancient debris are worthwhile. …
  • Moderate amounts are gained by smelting/cooking other materials: food, clay balls or blocks, cactus, wood logs, sand, or cobblestone, cactus giving the most ‌ [JE only].

What smelts cobblestone the fastest?

It’s really as easy as that. However, as you well know, this can take some time to smelt. Luckily, smelting is done two times faster using a Blast Furnace.

What gives most XP when smelted?

there are a couple that give 1xp per smelt, but Cactus is the only one that is farmable, and you can get it in large quantities… which is why I use it in all of my furnace xp designs. Check out xisumavoid he recently built a completely automatic exp farm using kelp and cactus.

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