How many pounds is a 2A 10bc fire extinguisher?

The Kidde FX210 Commercial Fire Extinguisher weighs almost 7 pounds and is the 2 A:10-B:C dry chemical model.

How much does a 2A 10bc fire extinguisher weigh?

Weight – 10 lbs. Shipping Weight – 19 lbs.

What does 2 A 10 B C mean?

A fire extinguisher that is rated 2A:10 BC means it has a fire fighting capacity equivalent to: 2.5 Gallons of Water and 10 Square Feet for a BC Type Fire. 1.

Does water can fire?

Water is made up of two elements, hydrogen and oxygen. … You can’t burn pure water, which is why we use it to put out fires instead of starting them. You can, however, break it down into hydrogen and oxygen by putting energy into it, in the form of an electric current.

How much should a water can weigh?

Water weighs approximately 8.3 pounds per gallon but can be as much 10 pounds.

What is the difference between 5BC and 10BC fire extinguisher?

In our tests, the 10BC units discharged only a fraction of a second longer than the 5BC, hardly “twice” anything. The 10BC, on average, discharged only 25% more fire suppressant than the 5BC.

What is a 10 lb fire extinguisher?

These extinguishers contain specially fluidized and siliconized mono ammonium phosphate powder, which smothers and breaks the chain reaction on class B fires, fuses and insulates class A fires. This powder is a non-conductor of electricity and non-toxic.

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What is a size 2 fire extinguisher?

Here’s how it works: The Class A size rating represents the water equivalency. Each number represents 1 ¼ gallons of water. For instance, 2A means the extinguisher is just as effective as 2 ½ gallons of water.

What is a 40 BC fire extinguisher?

Badger’s regular sodium bicarbonate dry chemical stored pressure fire extinguishers are specifically designed to meet the Class B and C needs of industrial and commercial premises. Suitable for use on class B and C fires.

Technical Specifications.

Model: B5BC
Bracket: MB-5 (optional)
Tame a raging fire