How many fire stations are in South Wales?

Operational area
Stations 47
Trucks 61

What area does South Wales Fire Service cover?

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service covers the unitary authority areas of Blaenau Gwent, Bridgend, Caerphilly, Cardiff, Monmouth, Merthyr, Newport, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Torfaen and the Vale of Glamorgan.

How many fire stations are there in Wales?

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Operational area
Stations 47
Trucks 61

How many fire stations are in the UK?

Number of manned fire stations (from 2014/15 to 2019/20) for England

Period Number of manned fire stations
Fire stations
2017/18 1,394 255
2018/19 1,395 256
2019/20 1,393 255

How do I get a fire report UK?

To request an incident report, please email to or a letter to London Fire Brigade, Incident reports team, 169 Union Street, London SE1 0LL. Your request should include: Your full name. Your contact details (email and day-time telephone number)

How do you get into the fire service in Wales?

To begin with, you must first pass the application form stage. If you are successful, you’ll go on to take tests of number skills, ability to understand and use written information, situational awareness and problem-solving skills. Then you must attend an interview and take part in role-play exercises.

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How much do NSW firefighters get paid?

Public sector – Full-time

Classification Weekly pay rate Overtime – shiftworkers
Firefighter level 1 $1,156.66 $55.08
Firefighter level 2 $1,173.04 $55.86
Firefighter level 3 $1,193.01 $56.82
Qualified firefighter $1,292.44 $61.54

How do I become a full time firefighter NSW?

HSC OR EQUIVALENT HIGHER EDUCATION QUALIFICATION • Higher School Certificate or • Certificate III in any discipline or • Trades qualified certificate or • 5 years’ service as a retained (on-call) firefighter with Fire and Rescue NSW or • Higher educational qualification or equivalent.

What is a retained firefighter NSW?

Retained Firefighters work from their local FRNSW Retained Fire Station, most of which are in regional and rural NSW, and are responsible for undertaking community fire safety work. … Retained Firefighters are paid for attendance at incidents, training sessions, community safety and education activities.

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