How far does a fire pit need to be from a house in Florida?

The location of the open burn must be set back at least 150 feet from any occupied building other than that of the landowner, 50 feet from any paved public roadway, and 25 feet from any wildlands, brush, or combustible structure.

Do you need a permit for a fire pit in Florida?

No permit is required if you have a small fire pit, like those sold at home improvement or other stores. When using a fire pit, you must follow these rules: burn only clean, dry wood. have the pit a minimum of 25 feet from any structure.

Can you have a fire pit in Florida?

Recreational open burning of vegetative debris and untreated wood in a campfire, ceremonial bonfire, outdoor fireplace, or other contained outdoor heating or cooking device is allowed pursuant to subsections 62-256.700(10) and 5I-2.006(11), F.A.C., as long as the fire is attended at all times and completely …

Can I burn cardboard outside?

If you have a wealth of cardboard boxes lying around, feel free to use them for an outdoor fire. … Also, do not burn cardboard in your home, the Chimney Safety Institute of America warns, because this can lead to chimney fires that can compromise the structure of your chimney or start a house fire.

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