How are portable fire extinguishers rated quizlet?

Class A: Ratings 1-A to 40A, based on gallons. 1-A= 1 1/4 gallons, 2-A=2 1/2 gallons. Class B: Ratings 1-B to 640-B, Based on Square ft. Class C: Non-Extinguishing, tests are to determine nonconducting.

How are portable fire extinguishers rated?

Fire extinguisher rating system

All extinguishers are rated according to the class and size of the fire they are designed for. Class A and B receive a numerical rating to determine the extinguishing potential for each type and size of extinguisher. Class C is basically a class A or B fire with electricity involved.

How do portable fire extinguishers stop a fire quizlet?

It works by smothering and cooling.

What does the number rating on an A portable fire extinguisher mean?

The Class A size rating represents the water equivalency. Each number represents 1 ¼ gallons of water. For instance, 2A means the extinguisher is just as effective as 2 ½ gallons of water. 4A is equivalent to 5 gallons of water. The Class B size rating indicates the square footage the extinguisher can cover.

How are the classifications of portable fire extinguishers divided?

How are the ratings used for portable fire extinguishers determined? They are determined by performance capability. Class B rated from 1-B to 640-B – rating based oin approximate square footage area of a flammable liquid of fire.

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Which of the following is typically used in multi purpose portable fire extinguishers?

Most common portable fire extinguishers used today. Common used dry chemicals: sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, urea-potassium bicarbonate, potassium chloride, mono ammonium phosphate.

What are the two sizes of PKP portable extinguishers?

PKP extinguishers come in an 18-pound and a 27-pound size. Most PKP extinguishers have a small CO2 cartridge mounted on the outside of the extinguisher shell.

What are the 5 classes of fire extinguishers?

What are the 5 Types of Fire Extinguishers?

  • Class A Fire Extinguishers. Class A fire extinguishers are safe for use on ordinary combustible fires, like those fueled by paper or wood. …
  • Class B Fire Extinguishers. …
  • Class C Fire Extinguishers. …
  • Class D Fire Extinguishers. …
  • Class K Fire Extinguishers.

What do the ABC ratings mean on fire extinguishers?

The A, B, C rating system defines the kinds of burning materials each fire extinguisher is designed to fight. The number in front of the A, B, or C indicates the rating size of fire the unit can extinguish.

Fire Extinguisher Ratings.

Rating Pan Size (sq ft) Gallons of Heptane
40-B 100.0 125.0
Tame a raging fire