Frequent question: What are the steps to be done when there is fire inside the engine room?

Raise the alarm. Reduce the vessels speed & Engage manual steering. Display NUC ( NOT UNDER COMMAND) lights,Weather reports, open communication with other vessels in the vicinity and send urgency signal.

Which of the following will be used first on a fire in the engine room?

The sources of heat most likely to start a fire in the engine room are hot exhaust pipe and engine surfaces, bearings of rotating machinery heating up and defunct electrical equipment.

What should you do first if there is a fire onboard?

In case of fire, raise the Fire/General alarm as soon as possible. Try to stop fire and if it is not possible, muster according to the Fire Muster List.

How do you extinguish the engine room bilge fire?

How to extinguish E/R bilge fire ?

  1. First check the condition of fire; it is small oil fire in the bilge well.
  2. Then raise the fire alarm signal.
  3. Remove the combustible material near vicinity.
  4. It is a small fire, extinguish by foam portable extinguisher.

How do you stop an engine fire?

Use the following tips to prevent potential vehicle fires:

  1. If you notice any fluid leaks or your fuel levels drop rapidly, have your car checked. …
  2. Secure your oil and gas caps properly.
  3. Pay attention to if your vehicle is overheating. …
  4. If your exhaust system is too hot, have it checked. …
  5. Do not smoke in your car.
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Which extinguisher is most suitable for oil fire?

Wet Chemical fire extinguishers are the most effective against Class F fires (cooking oils and fats) e.g fats, grease and oil. Therefore they are practical in a kitchen environment.

What is most important for crew members when preparing for emergencies?

Emergency response plan is important onboard the ship as this gives the duties and responsibility to be performed by crew members during the emergency situations on board. This series will give you the idea of different types of emergency situation on board the ship.

How important are the trainings and drills on each crew member?

Training with drills in different situations helps to prepare crew members for all types of situations. It is the duty of every ship personnel to get himself acquainted with the location of the emergency muster station upon joining the ship.

What should be the first step to be done during a man overboard accident?

Stop the engines. When clear of the person, go all ahead full, still using the full rudder. After deviating from the original course by about 240 degrees (about 2/3 of a complete circle), back the engines 2/3 or full. Stop the engines when the target point is 15 degrees off the bow.

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