Does firefighting foam still contain PFAS?

Class A firefighting foams are used for wild fires and structural fires and do not contain PFAS chemicals. … Firefighters are particularly at risk from PFAS exposure because they are exposed to AFFF during both training and actual fires.

Is PFAS still used in fire fighting foam?

DOD has long used PFAS-containing firefighting foam to extinguish fires quickly and keep them from reigniting. PFAS can migrate into the environment (e.g., drinking water) and may have adverse effects on human health.

What firefighting foam has PFAS?

The vast majority of Class B firefighting foam that is currently in stock or service in the United States is AFFF or AR-AFFF. All AFFF products contain PFAS. This applies to foams used in the past and those being sold today.

Does FireAde 2000 contain PFAS?

FireAde® 2000 is made of 98% organic compound, contains no PFOA or PFOS, zero hazardous chemicals and consists of fully biodegradable water based and food grade ingredients. … FireAde® 2000 is the first “true” Class A and B firefighting foam ever produced.

What is the difference between AFFF and AR AFFF?


AFFF and AR-AFFF consist of essentially the same ingredients. These typically include fluorosurfactants, hydrocarbon surfactants, solvents, inorganic salts, corrosion inhibitors, water; and in the case of AR- AFFF, a polymer which is typically a polysaccharide.

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Does high expansion foam contain PFAS?

High-Expansion Foam is used in fighting Class-A, Class-B, and LNG fires both indoors and outdoors. … Fluoroprotein Foam is produced using PFAS. The PFAS chemicals are not PFOA or PFOS. However, in earlier fluoroprotein foams, PFOA and PFOS may have been present in low levels.

Does AFFF foam contain PFAS?

Fluorinated foams contain PFAS, and fluorine-free foams do not. Of the fluorinated foams, aqueous film forming foams or “AFFF” are the foams that contain varying amounts and mixtures of PFAS, and of the most concern to human health and the environment.

What is the difference between Class A and B foam?

The true difference between a Class A foam and a Class B foam is that the Class B foam repels the carbons forming a film over the liquid, resulting in the suppression of the vapors, which is what is actually burning, while the Class A foam is penetrating the fuel.

Is AFFF illegal?

PFAS-based firefighting foams – known as aqueous film-fighting foam, or AFFF –are among the most significant sources of PFAS water contamination. …

Is Class A foam toxic?

Government approved class A foams are tested for human toxicity.

What does AFFF stand for in texting?

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