Do wood burning stoves cause cancer?

A wood-burning stove in your home may be a great source of heat during the cold winter, but new data shows that invisible particles produced by burning wood may cause cancer and heart disease, the Telegraph reported.

Do wood burning fireplaces cause cancer?

Another study similarly found “extremely high” indoor particle exposure values from open fireplaces. The researchers concluded that the lifetime increased lung cancer risk from being exposed to a wood-burning fireplace in the home is “significantly larger than the EPA acceptable lifetime risk.”

Will open fires be banned?

Log burners and open fires are not being banned, but the government says people will have to buy dry wood or manufactured solid fuels which produce less smoke. … Defra claims burning dry wood produces more heat and less soot than wet wood and can reduce emissions by up to 50%.

Can you have an open fire in your house?

Bonfires and barbecues are not banned by the Clean Air Act, but if you create a lot of smoke you may be causing a statutory nuisance. Burning garden waste on a bonfire is unnecessary and unpleasant for your neighbours.

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