Do people with ADHD make good firefighters?

High-stress situations get the dopamine pumping in the brain, which is why adults with ADHD tend to make great firefighters and ER doctors, as well as brilliant stock-traders and entrepreneurs.

Can you have ADHD and be a firefighter?

Police officers and firefighters : Because these public servants are usually busy and they can’t predict what will happen on the job from day to day — which is great for ADHD folks who don’t like tedious routines — a career as a police officer or a firefighter can be a great option for adults with ADHD.

Are people with ADHD good workers?

Individuals with untreated ADHD have higher rates of unemployment and frequent job changes, and often are overlooked for higher-paying positions. “However, there are many successful, high-level workers with ADHD, including many professionals in law and medicine.

How many firefighters have ADHD?

For this study, 302 wildland firefighters representing a diverse array of firefighting resource types took the Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale (ASRS v1. 1). Almost one in five respondents (19.5 percent) had scores that suggested the presence of ADHD and associated symptoms.

Can firefighters have anxiety?

Compared with the general population and most other occupations, firefighters face higher rates of post-traumatic stress disorder, suicide, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and tobacco use — and they also are more likely to resist mental health support, according to data from USFA, the National …

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Is police a good job for ADHD?

Police Officers and Firefighters

However, if you can get into the police force or fire department, it could be a good fit for adults with ADHD. Many police and firefighters love the job. They get action and variety and have to rely heavily on their own skills and judgment.

Are people with ADHD dumb?

People with ADHD have plenty of energy, are creative, and can often accomplish more than people who do not have the condition. Having ADHD means the person is lazy or dumb. ADHD has nothing to do with a person’s intellectual ability.

Are people with ADHD friendly?

ADHD and Friendships

The symptoms of ADHD can make it hard for people living with the condition to make friends and have lasting relationships. Cynthia Hammer, MSW and ADHD coach, says that in general, people get preoccupied with their own lives, and they often don’t prioritize friendships.

Why you should hire someone with ADHD?

Highlights For Hiring Managers:

ADHD adults are often curious, engaged in the moment, creative, persistent and energetic. These traits are the makings of an excellent leader. ADHD adults often see things other people miss and have moments of true brilliance.

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