Best answer: What is a line in fire fighting?

A forestry line is a small-diameter, cotton-jacketed handline used to fight brush and forest fires. Its construction reduces the weight a firefighter has to pull and therefore reduces fatigue.

What is the purpose of a fire line?

Fireline Construction. In fire suppression, constructing a fireline cuts off the supply of fuels. The objective is to remove or to reduce the flammable materials that allow the fire to build up in intensity or continue to spread.

Why do firefighters dig a line?

Why we dig lines

We do that by digging line — essentially a trench several feet wide — around the perimeter of the fire. “We’re supposed to remove any fuel that could burn within the fireline,” Washington wildland firefighter Ryan Dahl explained during a training exercise earlier this year.

What is hose line?

A hose line is a preconfigured hose connection and consists of the hose and the connected fittings and valves.

What are the 7 sides of a fire?

Command must consider the seven sides (or sectors) of the fire: front, rear, both sides, top, bottom, and interior. Fires cannot be considered under control until all seven sides are addressed. Failure to address all seven sides will frequently result in fire extension.

What is a fire line?

The part of a containment or control line that is scraped or dug to mineral soil. For purposes of pay administration for hazardous duty, a fireline is defined as the area within or adjacent to the perimeter of an uncontrolled wildfire of any size in which action is being taken to control fire.

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What is it called when you start a fire on purpose?

Arson is a crime, but most arsonists don’t have pyromania. Pyromania is a psychiatric disorder. In order to be diagnosed with pyromania, the following symptoms must be present: Setting a fire deliberately and on purpose on more than one occasion. Feeling tense or energetic before starting a fire.

What is a fire dozer line?

Dozer Line: Fire line constructed by the front blade of a dozer. Drip Torch: Hand-held device for igniting fires by dripping flaming liquid fuel on the materials to be burned; consists of a fuel fount, burner arm, and igniter. Fuel used is generally a mixture of diesel and gasoline.

How do we fight fires today?

In order to fight a fire, you must take out any one of the fire elements. The most common method is to use water to put out the fire. The water takes away heat by cooling the fire. Water also smothers the fire, taking away oxygen.

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