Are campfires allowed in Zion National Park?

When fire danger is high, all campfires may be prohibited. When permitted, fires are only allowed in established fire rings in the campgrounds. Collecting any type of wood in the park is prohibited. … Campfires are not allowed anywhere in the Zion Wilderness.

Is there a burn ban in Zion?

No campfires are allowed at Zion National Park, including the Lava Point campground. Campfires are allowed within constructed pits at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area’s established campgrounds that are “below the waterline only (and) in areas completely void of vegetation.”

Where can you have a campfire in Utah?

Campfires are allowed in all developed recreation sites, campgrounds, picnic areas, and home sites that are maintained and administered by the agency, or home sites where running water is present are allowed. Stoves or grills that are fueled solely by liquid petroleum fuels are also allowed.

Is smoking allowed in Zion National Park?

*Smoking is allowed within an enclosed vehicle, developed recreation site or designated smoking area. Discharging, or using any kind of fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices, is prohibited at all times on all federal public lands.

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Can you have a campfire in Ashley National Forest?

EXCEPT: Fires are allowed in constructed, permanent fire pits or fire grates within developed Forest Service campgrounds, picnic areas, and recreation sites. Petroleum-fueled stoves, lanterns, or heating devices that meet the fire underwriter’s specifications for safety are allowed.

Can I light a fire in Utah?

Campfires of any kind, including portable fire pits, are not allowed on any of the WMAs. As always, fireworks and explosives are not allowed on Utah’s WMAs. Conservation officers will be enforcing the temporary restrictions.

Can you have campfires in Utah 2021?

Stage 1 Restrictions: No open fires of any kind except within established public facilities in improved campgrounds, picnic areas. Stage 2 Restrictions: NO OPEN FIRES OF ANY KIND — even within an established fire pit. Devices using pellets, compressed or liquid or gas (grills, stoves, lanterns, heaters, etc.)

What is considered an open fire?

What is an open fire? An open fire is a fire in which material is burned in an open, outdoor area or in a receptacle without a stack or chimney. Items such as household trash, tires, roofing material and treated lumber are prohibited from burning in an open fire.

Are campfires allowed in Utah State Parks?

Fires are only permitted in the designated fire rings and are never allowed on the beach or jetties. Fireworks are prohibited in the park. Please follow all rules concerning fishing and hunting in the current proclamation.

Are there bears in Zion National Park?

Seeing an American Black Bear in Zion National Park is rare but not unheard of. Since bear sightings are so rare each one, even a possible siting, should be reported to park officials. It is important to know the procedure for bear encounters on the off chance that you may see one.

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What is the best month to visit Zion National Park?

The best time to visit Zion National Park is between the months of April and November when the park’s free shuttles are running and the weather is comfortable.

Is Zion open 24 hours?

Zion National Park is open every day of the year.

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