Rescue 1

The History of Rescue 1

Rescue Squad 1 was placed in service on January 20th, 1925 at the quarters of Engine Company 2 located at 719 12th St N.W., On April 15, 1946 they moved to the old quarters of Engine 14 located at 413 8th St N.W. On March 9th, 1953 they returned to old Engine 2’s quarters. During repair/construction the squad relocated to two different locations. First to Engine 13 in Sept 1972. Then to Engine 1 in October 1972. After the repair/construction was complete they returned to Engine 2 in 1973. When a new firehouse opened at 1300 New Jersey Ave N.W., they joined Engine Company 6 and Truck Company 4 on July 8, 1974. During one of the city’s financial crises Squad 1 was made into a combination unit with Engine 6 on October 10th, 1976. After extensive lobbying by Local 36 and several fire deaths including 7 and 1111 6th St N.W. during which the squad sat unmanned just 3 blocks away it was placed back in full service on April 1, 1984. On May 7, 1995 after yet another city financial crisis during which Truck Company 1 was closed and remains closed to this day, Rescue Squad 1 moved back to the quarters of Engine Company 2 located at 500 F St N.W. where they are housed at today.